French version                                                                                                            Isa et David


                                                                                               Greek food



The Greek food is very pleasant, basis on sun and olive oil ! in Paris, it was already delicious but over here, in a tavern close to the sea.....
it is much much better !!!



The Mézés (starters)



Let's start with the mézés. The mézés, it's when we drink the ouzo (or the coke !) and we eat and nibble all of the cold or warm starters, it is time for the for the appetizer !



   tiri saganaki and ouzo 

           tarama with the Greek salad



                            octopus in salad

     pepper and eggplant in salad 




   keuftés in tomato     

               Féta in a salad    

         fried squids


                   my keuftés

 Beureks or Tiro pita from my sister and Tapenade behind

 kalamata olives , Pastourma (ham from donkey)
and Soudzouk (Sausage from donkey)







The main courses



    swordfish in skewer 

   moussaka very strange !!


The desserts


  Watermelon (karpouze) 


yogurt with honey