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Inhabitants : 10,2 Millions

Surface :  131 944 KM²

Number of islands : 3500 and only occupied

Money : Euro

Climate : Mediterranean

President : Karolos Papoulias

Politic : Democrat regime  -  Hellenic Republic

National Day : 25 March (Victor against the Turks in 1821) and 28 October 1940 (Day of the NO at the Italian ultimatum)

Motto : Freedom or Death. My strength, is the love for my people.

The Olympus Mont is the higher point of the Greek, 2 917 m.

Explanation of the Greek flag : 9 blue bands (sea and sky) and white bands (purity of the fight for the independence) which is representing the 9 syllabus of the motto "freedom or death".
Up and left, a blue cube with a white cross (faith) (created in 1832, modified in 1970 and re-used in 1981).