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here are our favorites sites...

You hate unpersonnal vacations, organized for a group by the operators, the hotels with more than 400 rooms, the circuits done to stop in a shop friend of the agency !
You want different vacation, as you like, with no stress to book the hotel, the time to run....

Visit la Crète ...autrement, another way to discover Crete !

Other site done by the 2 of us, go and discover the french village of Saint Vincent du Lorouër.
located in la Vallée du Loir (Sarthe) between Le Mans and Tours.
A peaceful village closed to the Bercé forest.

One of my friends creates songs since ever, discover his electro-jazz univers !

Another friends of mine, listen to his music, and discover the French touch !

"Lykion Ton Ellinidon" is a greek association, their aim is to save the traditionnal greek culture, dances and music.

Site done by David, La Meignanne, is his village where he grew up, clic on that link and discover Angers and its area l'Anjou and the wines